The Modern Suit

A bespoke suit is the ultimate in sartorial luxury, and whether it be single or double-breasted, tuxedo or tailcoat, George Clinton is a master of all styles. The fusion of a traditional approach combined with a modern flair is what allows George Patrick to achieve a perfect, balanced style.

Our Roots

George began his bespoke career as an apprentice alongside the most renowned bespoke tailors in Munich, Germany. From there, his standout talent earned him a scholarship in pattern-making at the prestigious JAK Fashion Academy in Hamburg,Germany, where he perfected his craft and consolidated his unique style.

From Hamburg, George relocated to Los Angeles, cutting his teeth in the wardrobe departments of legendary TV shows such Star Trek and The Golden Girls. He then took his talents to Chicago and New York, where they were quickly recognized by prestigious fashion labels such as Armani, Sonia Rykiel and Jil Sander - all of whom trusted George in their teams of tailors and seamstresses. Returning to Los Angeles, George expanded his reach and shared his personal approach to tailoring with the rest of the world.

Making of George Patrick

In early 2018, together with his business partner Patrick Hasanen, George made the leap to ready-to-wear. They bring with them the highest quality of craftsmanship, a dash of Hollywood glamour and of course, the perfectly-tailored garment. Even in sourcing their materials George Patrick offers nothing but the best. Having cultivated a yearlong relationship with some of the finest European mills, clients can be at ease knowing their chosen garments are of the highest quality. Having created performance looks and suits for the likes of Kesha, Paula Abdul, Kate Walsh and many others, George Patrick also offers an array of custom garments for women seeking a perfectly tailored cocktail suit.

Beyond Bespoke

George knows that bespoke quality shouldn’t be limited to the creation of his garments. Whether it be at the client’s home or office the creation of each bespoke garment begins with a one-on-one consultation, during which fabric and style are chosen. During these more challenging times, George Patrick tailors its service around your needs - whether that means making a house-call, or consulting in a location at your convenience. Also on offer are custom blazers, shirts, coats, and shoes, as well casual and leather jackets, trousers and polo shirts. With decades of editorial experience we also offer styling tips to help clients take charge of their look.

What’s more, to leave no stone unturned, we’ve expanded into jewelry as well. George is on hand to create, design and execute unique pieces ranging from pendants and bracelets to cufflinks - all with a range of custom options. So, whether you want your initials in diamonds on a new pendant or bracelet, or a set of monogrammed cufflinks- we can accomplish it all - and more.

With a range of ready-to-wear garments on hand, we’ll make sure you’re never short of options when completing your look. And if our collection lacks a specific item you need, we’ll use our expert personal shopping knowledge to help find you your missing addition.

Star-Studded Experience

George Clinton’s ability to create modern clothing with a perfectly tailored-fit has made him one of the most sought-after bespoke menswear designers among Hollywood's elite today. George offers a unique perspective from his extensive experience working as a designer, red carpet tailor, and style consultant for Hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise, Jason Statham, Zac Efron - to name a few A-list stars.

For nearly two decades George’s design studio has been in Los Angeles where he has created bespoke garments for distinguished clients, Hollywood heavy-weights, and celebrities. And we're happy to announce that these bespoke services are also available in Miami. As a classically trained tailor, George has combined craftsmanship with his talent for design and became the new face of bespoke tailoring.

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From your consultation to your final fitting

How we do it

1. Initial Consultation

Our consultation process is easy, precise and tailor-made to give you your best fit. George will personally guide you through every step of the process, offering advice and expertise where needed to help you make informed decisions on your style. Having an idea of what you’re looking for does help in the initial stages of the process, but whether you’re a veteran fan of fine apparel or a first time buyer, George will be by your side to guide you. We take our time at George Patrick. We consult you on fabrics, fits, and styles before taking your initial measurements. We also come prepared with try-on samples to help you get a feel for what you’re looking for. We may include a full wardrobe assessment to build a profile for your look based on your lifestyle, occupation, hobbies, and social life. From there, we help guide your decisions by providing an analysis of the choice fabrics and garment styles that best fit your personal style. This service is provided from the comfort of your own home, office or even over a drink or a cup of coffee at a hotel or restaurant. We believe that making the ultimate bespoke suit that is truly reflective of your lifestyle and personality, starts with a process that has just as much of a personal touch.



2. Style and personalization

Quality matters, and that starts with our choices of cloth. We offer our customers the finest selections from the most renowned international mills in the world, such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Guabello, Holland & Sherry, Cerruti and many more. Our collections on offer include a range of designs from lush solids, jacquards, and stripes, to soft glen plaids and a wide selection of micro herringbones and many other patterns.



Construction, Final Touches & Fitting

Paper patterns are drawn, clothes are chalked, cut & sewn for your first fitting, with every detail of your personal requests adhered to. Our team of artisan tailors dedicate 40 hours to each garment we create. From there, we’ll arrange your first fitting and final consultation in 4-5 weeks. This is the big day, where you try on your suit, we make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Our in-house tailor will then make any alterations required and in just a matter of days, your garment will be ready to wear. Should you wish to accessorize the individual items with shirts, knitwear, shoes, or other tidbits, we’ll accommodate it to help you complete your look from our extensive ready- to- wear collection.

Please call us at 424 394 9440 to book a phone consultation or book an in-person meeting below



Some of the many Styles we offer